A New Dawn

We were delighted to see that the election results across the three wards of Egham Town, Englefield Green East and Englefield Green West were exactly as we proposed in our Election Special with the following results:

Egham Town:Isabel Mullens (Runnymede Independent Residents Group)
Englefield Green East:Trevor Gates (Independent)
Englefield Green West:Eliza Kettle (Labour)

The result in Egham Town was a ‘Hold’ for the Runnymede Independent Residents Group but the results in Englefield Green mean that the Conservatives lost two of their seats.

Prior to this year’s local election, the Conservatives controlled Runnymede council with a majority of four seats.  However, not only did they lose two seats in Englefield Green but also lost a seat in Addlestone North (Green Party win) and New Haw (Liberal Democrat win).  So, unless the Conservatives can form a coalition with one of the other parties, then they will have to cede control of the council.

Full details of the results can be viewed on the Runnymede Borough Council Website.

While we are not affiliated with any particular political group or party, we are only too well aware that the issues that concern us now are a direct result of the expansion of Royal Holloway which was voted for overwhelmingly by the Conservative councillors in 2015.  Also, although the Planning Committee at the time made it clear that it expected the interests of the university to be balanced against the interests of the communities of Egham and Englefield Green, there is little evidence to show that the Conservatives used their majority to protect the interests of the residents living in those communities when the consequences of the expansion subsequently manifested themselves just as many locals predicted.  So now, it seems, those residents have cast their vote and ridded themselves of those councillors.

The collapse of Conservative control could now signal a real opportunity to address the problems of HMOs, ASB and parking problems.  As a single issue group though, we recognise that our local Councillors – while also committed to addressing these issues – have a much broader portfolio to contend with and so we would warmly welcome all residents affected by the problems associated with Royal Holloway to work with us and support our councillors in addressing these issues together.   We must first though, extend our sincere congratulations to Eliza, Isabel and Trevor and then, to paraphrase the words of Nina Simone:

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
And I’m feeling good